XF 2.2 Last post info


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I have added a permission to my contacts add-on that when set only those that belong to a contact list that thread starters use can see those threads. It works; however; I needed to set the last post info for that forum to be private, as I could not find a way to set the last post info to be from only the latest post from a thread a member can view.

Is there away to achieve this, or do I just leave it set as private? The latest posts from a contacts only forum will show to those belonging to the threads contact list, and as well for what's new, etc., and not for anyone else, so I would have liked the last post info to behave like this as well.


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You'd just need to leave it as private -- it's roughly the same concept as users that can only see their own threads. We only store details about the actual last post and we don't know whether that represents something a user could see. (And even if we did, it flipping back and forth from private to something visible would be confusing and leak some other information.)