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Not a bug Last modification date does not change after updating a style property.

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

Well-known member
I have enabled caching and I didn't see any change after I updated the 'headerLogoHeight' style property. After I added a new line to EXTRA.css and saved it, all is fine. Don't know if this is something from my end so posting it here...


XenForo developer
Staff member
I can't reproduce this. The CSS date changes after editing a style property for me, which is sufficient to invalidate the cache for me.

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

Well-known member
ummm... I found the issue: I made an add-on to change the URL of style resources:

I was fetching the last_edit_date of the latest template instead of the last_mod_date of the style to fetch the date, and only the last_mod_date of the style changes when updating a proprety... sorry for missing that :oops: