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XF 1.4 Large photos and small boxes.

This is my new forum. kingdaddycaddy.com I want to release it soon but I’m trying to get things right first. The problem is my ignorance to this kind of software.

First question is photo size. When I post as an admin I’m able to post large photos. When a user posts its only thumb nails. I want everyone to be able to post large photos.

Second question is how do I upload art into this box? What is it called?

I need a lot of help and I’m sure I will be coming here often.

Thank you everyone.

XF3.JPG XF4 A.jpg


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Regarding the images, the member simply hasn't embedded them using attach=full.
They haven't even embedded them as thumbnails, just uploaded the files.

The node icons can be edited in Style Properties.