Laptop or Netbook.


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Which do you have?
Which do you prefer?

I have a fairly new 17" HP laptop, which I purchased about 3 or 4 months ago.
Now I'm sorry that I got something so large!

I bought it to use in my bedroom. After I put my son to bed, I turn off my computer in the office, and use the laptop on the bed. That was the original intention. But now I find myself wishing I could take it with me sometimes when I'm out and about but it's really large, and I haven't even been able to find a case for it yet, that doesn't cost a small fortune. $60 and up! :eek:

So tell me about yours, what you prefer, and why.


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As well as my desktop machine, I currently have two laptops to cover different uses: a 12" HP dv2 (incredibly thin & light but with decent ATI graphics - 4 hours battery isn't great, but I mainly need it for portability and there are power plugs most places I go!) and a 17" Dell Vostro 3700 (good cpu & average graphics). I earn my living from the internet and technology though, so perhaps it's a bit different for me :)

I previously had a 15" Dell XPS, a very nice laptop, but it got stolen - I also found that it was often too big some occasions, but also too small for others. A compromise I wasn't happy with. I tired a netbook (one of the first Acer Aspire One's) but I couldn't get used to the tiny screen and low resolution - 1024x600. I moved up to 12" and I've been happy ever since (1280x800 - a nice size in my opinion). For when I'm going somewhere for longer than a couple of days, for example, staying at a relatives for a week etc... I'll bring the big laptop with me as it's much easier to get any work done. The rest of the time, both are used for different things at home (the Dell is connected to the TV for media playing purposes, for example).

So, for me, it's a case of having more than one machine for the job... I don't think there is a single device yet that's suitable for every scenario. Likely also going to be adding the iPad 2 to my collection when it comes out, as something I carry with me all the time.

If I was buying a smaller laptop now, I'd probably go for a 11.6"/12" model with the 1366x768 screen resolution, possibly something based on one of the new AMD "APU" chips or the low voltage Intel technology. I think the extra you pay for those over a 10" Atom netbook is easily worth it in terms of the performance, screen space and all-round usability (in my opinion).


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none tbh pc ftw! but for the sake of it i would say a notebook so the kid's can use it in the car :) without it breaking there leg's P:


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My dh has an macbook air which is a great size for most things, I have the 17" macbook pro for the design capabilities. If I just want to read email/ surf the web etc and I am not in the recliner where my laptop is parked, his is perfect. It is also great for traveling. . But I can also use the iPad as well. Liz


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Well, both for me, though I must admit I avoid using the netbook whenever a laptop or desktop is in reach :)

Netbooks are fine because of their reduced size, weight and good battery life time but that comes, of course, with a price. When you are used to a decently modern and fast desktop PC or notebook, you'll find most netbooks to be painfully slow, especially when working with multiple applications or doing some more complex stuff - try Photoshop on a netbook - unacceptable (well, at least for me).

Also, the small keyboards are not really made for typing lots of text. I find it very difficult to type on my netbook. I'm capable of typing pretty fast w/o looking at the keyboard but that works best on a good keyboard and I totally fail on the netbook.

And then there is the problem of low screen resolution...

Personally, I would not want to replace my laptop with a netbook. It's a nice to have thing and pretty cool for travelling when you only need to do some basic stuff (surfing, reading mail, watching videos, maybe a bit of Word/Excel stuff) but I cannot imagine using it for programming or any other demanding work load.


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A 13 or 14" may be good if you're considering a smaller laptop. Even 15" is pretty big.
True. This one was good when I was using both it and my pc for designing styles. But now that I'm not doing that, all I really use it for is web browsing, playing games, reading, etc.

I'll check 'em out. Thanks. :)


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As a person who has both - Toshiba L300 15" and ASUS eeePC 900HA 9" I can say they have completely different purpose.

On a laptop you can do more then just browse the internet, like work with office software, design something in Photoshop, Illustrator or some similar software, watch HD movies, play some older games etc. - the screen is not too big, but not too small either. The downside of laptops is the size, and the battery lifetime. It last about 2:30 hours for me.

On the other hand the netbook does what it says - you can browse the internet with it. That's basically it's only purpose. You have Wi-Fi , you connect and surf away wherever you are. The screen is small but you can enjoy most websites. The best side of netbooks is that they are small, and the battery lasts for very long. With a fresh battery I had more then 4 hours on my eeePC. Downside is that with an Intel Atom processor and a 9" screen you can't do much then just browse the web, look at some photos and SD videos.


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I really, really dislike netbooks. The size of them just scares me and from what I've seen people having around here the resolution is just a can't-have for me.

Laptop for me (17" MacBook Pro here).

steven s

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Laptop. I can't see using a netbook for anything other than checking email and you can do that on your phone.

Added: 15" MacPro i5 w/24" Cinema Monitor


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True. This one was good when I was using both it and my pc for designing styles. But now that I'm not doing that, all I really use it for is web browsing, playing games, reading, etc.

I'll check 'em out. Thanks. :)
You can always get an old or cheap LCD to have a dual screen setup if you wanted more screen space.

Peggy, If you want something lite and very good Performance and Security there are Mac book Air Or Mac book Pro

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She can always dual boot with something like FreeBSD.