XF 1.2 Language Issues after upgrading


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Hi Everyone,

I hope you can help me out. I just upgraded from 1.2 Beta 2 to 1.2 RC 2. Yesterday I bought few add-ons like Xen Media Gallery, TaigaChat Pro, Post Ratings, Core by PixelExit,... Now I run into a problem.

As you can see from the attached image I overwrited english with slovak.


I did that before I upgraded from 1.2 Beta 3 to 1.2 RC 2. It was so annoying to change it from english back to slovak all the time, but now I know I shouldn't do that :(

Now, when I Export the .xml file I get less phrases from RC 2 than I had in Beta 3. I don't think so that is ok. It doesn't make sense. I attached all 3 files. The .xml from Beta 3 I translated and both XenForo .xml files I exported now from RC 2 (one with the other without untranslated phrases). As you can see those files are smaller and are missing some phrases.

What I did wrong, please? :(

Also now I want to translate add-ons only. When I choose the add-on and then export the .xml file, I only have two lines in that exported .xml file :( These two:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<language title="Slovenčina (SK)" date_format="j M Y" time_format="H:i" decimal_point="," thousands_separator=" " language_code="sk-SK" text_direction="LTR" addon_id="XenGallery"/>
I guess it is because those add-ons are in english only and XenForo is trying to export those add-ons in english, which I deleted.

How can I put english back please? And what is the right way to continue translating XenForo without experiencing the same issue again in the future?


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I don't see any particular issue here - the phrases that aren't there were actually removed between beta 3 and now.

If you want to recreate the English language, just create a new language with no parent. It will be in English.

A language export only includes translated phrases. It you haven't translated anything for XenGallery, for example, you will get an empty XML file like that. You can force it to include untranslated phrases if you prefer to translate within the XML file though.