XF 1.4 Language export question


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When I export all phrases in the English language I end up with a file containing only this :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<language title="English (US)" date_format="M j, Y" time_format="g:i A" decimal_point="." thousands_separator="," language_code="en-US" text_direction="LTR"/>
If I check the "Get untranslated phrases" box I get a file with ~9000 lines.

I'm pretty sure I have none, or at least very few phrases that is not translated or have empty phrases in the English language. Shouldn't the two files for my exports be nearly identical?


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If you haven't actually customized the phrases in the English language, this is expected. They would need to show as red in the list. If they show as black, you haven't customized them, so you're using the parent (master) version.


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Was a bit confusing when I choose to export everything and nothing came out until I choose to include the untranslated ones.
But thank you @Mike for clarifying it to me.