XF 1.5 kind of hard links to threads


Hello. I've got an issue with thread redirects.
Please, help me find solution in XF configuration or suggest any suitable plugin to solve my issue?

Issue is following:
I've got 2 nodes, e.g.
Node1 -> Thread1
-> Thread1 (redirect)

I need to assign local moderator to Node2 and give him extra permissions e.g. to delete any post in Thread1.
This permissions of cause would not work for Thread1 because it situated (situated by design) in Node1.

XF 1.5.3 code:
public function canDeletePost(array $post, array $thread, array $forum, $deleteType = 'soft', &$errorPhraseKey = '', array $nodePermissions = null, array $viewingUser = null)
        $this->standardizeViewingUserReferenceForNode($thread['node_id'], $viewingUser, $nodePermissions);

So is in general my question is:
Is there any way to have one thread (with equal possibilities) in two nodes?
Via XF or via Add-on.

Best regards.
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