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Keyword Linker


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I've been looking around and I've not seen this posted yet as BBCode for using. I'm looking to use Amazon links on my forum, linking actors names back to films they star in advertised for sale on Amazon (DVD section name search).

As the title suggests, the way it would work is you enter a keyword or keyword(s) to get added a custom link too. So for example: If I added "John Wayne" to get auto linked with a URL of my choice, every place on the forum where John Wayne can be found will also get tagged with that same link making it very easy to auto-link names throughout your forum very fast. It would also have to support creating a huge list of actors names (auto-linked), I'm not talking about a few hundred only to be auto-linked.

Anyone any ideas on this, ideally it should also add the "nofollow" and target "_blank" attribute to links for forum SEO reasons. Useful if it's "case sensitive" on keywords also getting linked.

The best way I can describe this mod is to have a read of this page.

Link: http://www.dijksterhuis.org/wordpress-plugins/keyword-link-plugin/


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The problem I see though thinking more about it now. When I ran a Blog you add all the content so have total control over the links added. But, what if your picking "keywords" out to be linked back to Amazon and while someone else is posting a reply they use one of those keywords and link it back to another place. What would happen in that situation, which is bound to happen at some point?

Believe it or not, I can do this using MyCode on my other MyBB forum dead easy. Simply by doing this and it will link it all way throughout the forum.



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The way it worked on VB: if someone links one of your predefined words to another place, it get's overwritten. So in your case it would not link to Amazon anymore. Perfect.


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Well I suppose that's fair enough and the way it should work really, otherwise your member is not going to be too chuffed that he just spent time finding and adding a link and then you just high-jacked it leading to an affiliated site. That's sounds about right to me, rather than it being the other way around.


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I think this would work fine as long as it was overwritten ONLY in that one instance by the user.

The best would be if the two links showed in that one instance. Not sure how to label them though.