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Keyword Alerts


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Users can specify keywords for which they get alerts, when those keywords are posted or in thread titles.

So this way they can always, know or keep track of specific topics.

Similarly can add username alerts, so if someone mentions your name in a post; you get a alert.


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I think the keywords could be problematic for server load if a lot of keywords are searched for/found, if it's possible at all. Regarding the username, I believe someone has released something similar but with @ in front of it so @ankurs would trigger an alert.

I think it's this one: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/bd-tag-me.6762/

Maybe you can ask if he can extend the mod with your feature request.


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we can limit number of keywords that a user can specify or give this feature to specific usergroups only ; that way it wont be overloaded

i will try send a message to bdtagme author, lets see