Add-on Keep the red balloon counter at the Alerts tab, even when hover.



When I get for example 20 alerts, I see it with the red balloon.
But once I open the tab, the alert counter is gone, if I read them or not, the balloon is gone (until the next alert comes).

I want it to be like the Inbox tab, that it reduce the amount of numbers according to the ones I read.

I hope I made my self clear, as my English isn't the best.

Thanks :)


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Sounds like a good little addon maybe someone will consider creating. Makes sense. I've forgotten to go back and read stuff in my alerts as well. Easy to get sidetracked.


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The other good idea would be to keep getting email alerts on things, even if you don't log in or revisit the site often. Now, you only get it once until you visit the site again. Some people simply forget to come back, unless they have a lot of alerts set.