XF 1.4 Just want to check

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I know I asked this in another Thread but just wanted to check.

So I installed Xenforo with a data base.
I will do the import from vB 4 for the data base

I just want to check that all that does is import the table into the Xenforo database?
Basically not effecting the vB 4 database at all, that will still be in tack and usable just the same after doing the import?


New Joe

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A new question.

Say I do a test import to see how it all goes, then I want to delete all the boards and users before doing the real import am I right there is no mass delete for boards or members?
Do I have to delete everything one by one?


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The only issue I ran into when I imported from vB4 were duplicate emails. In XenForo duplicate emails are not allowed, so before you import I suggest you check for any duplicate emails in your vB4 forum.


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