Just some questions.

I know some of these are probably already answered, but I'd like to make a topic about ALL my questions.

1. If I buy the license which as stated ias $140.00 if I'm correct.
That's the first time fee for 12 months, then after that I only need to pay $40.00 to renew it for another 12 months?

2. If I buy XenForo, can it do things like, bukkit.org
How it has the Homepage, then the forum, then like other tabs next to Home and such like;
"Home" "Forum" "Downloads" Then like a drop down for scrolling over the Downloads tab and it brings you to different pages with what ever I want on it.

3. Does XenForo have an Arcade system of some sort, if not will it ever have one and if so can I get specific details on it?

4. A VERY important question is, can I use it more than once on the same Domain.
Say my website name is Website.com
I want to have two sub domains like website.com/game1 and website.com/game2
With both there own knew forum, like game1 has it's own separate forum files and everything and same with game2.
They are both on the same website.com, can I do this?
If not, it's going to be a bother to buy it four times :/

5. On the side menu, where it has everything.
Am I able to add buttons, like Donate Buttons, vote buttons, etc?

6. How does it do with Webclients?
Like uploading a Webclient tab.

For now, these are all my questions.


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1. The license is a one time fee. The annual fee is for upgrades and support.

2. You can do whatever you want with it. You are limited only by your imagination and ability.

3. No. There is some talk of creating an add-on: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/must-i-ask-arcade.4983/

4. You would need multiple licenses for that:
Can multiple domains or subdomains be used with a single license?
Yes, as long as the domains or subdomains all resolve to the same installation, all of the content is available at every domain or subdomain, and there is no attempt to make them appear as separate installations.

5. You can add whatever you want.

6. Again, you aren't limited in how you customise the installation.