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Just Purchased. Top Mods/Styles?


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Any list of like the top 10 must have mods?
Mods are more dependent on audience and the way you run your community so ones person list will not work for another. Here are a few that are useful however:


Adds smilies below the editor, making them easier to access.


Weeds out many of the spam bots that sign-up.


Provides advanced syntax highlighting (Useful for dev forums).


Allows the adding of custom BBCodes.


Full featured blog system.


Allows you to collapse the sidebar.
I've been here less than minutes and already know this is more active than vBULLetin. If all goes well, I may end up selling my license for vBulletin. Now if only bobster would update his tabbed forumhome. =[


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In the add-on forum, select Thread Display Options and set it to "First Post Likes" and you'll get the add-ons ranked by popularity (more or less).