Just one more thing ... a webmaster's burden


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I was looking at last year's stats for page views. The domains served 17,647,865 pages in 2011. Sniff. It still seems dead even with all the views, too many spammers and bots.

This almost prompted me to say, "it's time to get people registered and active again." But my mind said ... "Oh wait .. first I have to fix ..."

Isn't that how you feel as a webmaster? You have just "one more thing" ... ?

There are so many items to fix on the sites that I really don't want bad press - people visiting and getting a 'bad taste' in their mouths.

My list is getting smaller and I'm feeling more confident in getting this beast moving forward. Is your list growing or shrinking?

I do have to say that without XenForo and this community, I'd have probably just not moved forward with merging 195 domains. :)
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