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Just migrated! PhysicsForums.com


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Wow, very nice site! Very well done and informative site. You guys are very smart too. :) Russ does some of the best work Ive seen . Congrats !


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I saw the site last night on my phone. But funny enough I ended up on the site just now looking something up. Never been there before you started preparing for your migration. Kind of funny to find myself on it all of a sudden.


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Thanks all! It's been almost a week! I've had my share of problems (mostly to admin error), but right now things are moving smoothly and I am so thrilled to be using a supported platform with a wonderful admin community!


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The site looks good. I'm seriously looking into integrating the featured threads.

However if I may give one critique... the advertisement within the thread is a huge turnoff to me. I'd consider changing the ad placement.