XF 1.4 Just migrated from myBB, need a couple of pointers :)

Hello, I recently moved my forum over from myBB 1.6 and am experiencing a couple of teething problems. Forums are temporarily in http://www.youthdebates.org/community . This install is a WIP.

I'd like to get help with the following:

1. I have formatted username colours according to usergroup in the ACP. This doesn't seem to be working. Does it sometimes just take a while to take effect?

2. Categories are displaying 0 discussions, when in fact their child forums contain hundreds. How can I get the number of discussions held in a category's child forums to count towards the number for that category on the index?

3. When I click on the RSS icons, everything just breaks. What do? :p

4. How do I add/remove widgets in the sidebar?

As you can see, not overly confident in code or tech in general. Just a guy who hosts a small community. Thanks :)


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1. User group styling applies immediately. Ensure the display styling priority is correct.
This may be of some help: https://xenforo.com/help/user-group-styling/

2. Are you using a third party style?
I seem to recall there being a bug with counts for categories with one particular style.

3. What breaks? More information or a link is required.

4. XenForo doesn't have widgets by default. Blocks can be added or removed by editing the template(s). If you are using a third party widget add-on, you will need to seek support in the add-on thread.
Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I'll check out the user group display styling priorities, although I believe I'd already done this. If it turns out these are already correct, can I assume there's an issue with my theme? It is third party, but I paid quite a bit of money for it so I'll be on their backs for sure for some help!

This is the RSS link: http://youthdebates.org/community/i...ments-moderation-website-feedback.4/index.rss


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The RSS feed appears fine to me.
You can ignore the message related to the style information, that's just a browser issue.