Just BS Converted to Xenforo


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Can't. For some reason I can't get the style to work with them on. I've played with the rules and no matter what it's a no go.

I have an upgrade to isapi rewrite that will correct the problem, but, friendly url's aren't really that important anyway.


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Not bad, I saw the site before running IPB and liked the style used. But it looks better on XenForo, also looks like you've made it lighter in certain areas. Wasn't it all "Black" coloured before.

The forum seems faster too.


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Looks good - how's the feedback from your members about the change?
Feedback is good so far. A couple members said they like the change. The real test is when the members from Australia, New Zealand, UK and other nether reaches of the globe hit the site later tonight. They are very critical of change and almost tarred and feathered me when I switched to IPB.

I have noticed that traffic is up. Of course it's only been a day and I suspect it's the url changes and redirects getting hammered by the SE's.