[JoyFreak] Change forum_list title and H1 only

[JoyFreak] Change forum_list title and H1 only


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[JoyFreak] Change forum_list title and H1 only - Change your forum_list title and H1 only for better SEO.

Head over to your Admin CP > Setup > Options > Basic Options > Change your board title to the name of your forum only. For example, JoyFreak is my board name. This will be used consistently throughout the forums and you want to keep the consistency of your forum name throughout all pages. If the forum_list is the landing page of your forum, then this guide will be useful to you and can help improve your SEO if done correctly. You can add a keyword(s) to your title and h1 to help increase SEO...

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What about this thread ?
Is @Brogan answer is correct ?
Using "Welcome" adds no real value. You should add a keyword you want to rank for in the H1 and should match that in your board title. Read here, https://xenforo.com/community/threads/meta-description-advice.200364/#post-1547322

Also read here for a bit more info on H1 and SEO.
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