Joomla + Xenforo ... /community/ -> /forums/

Rik Brown

We currently operate Joomla 3.x (CMS) as our root application. We are considering to migrate our forums to Xenforo from vBulletin 4.2.1 which now operates on a subdomain. However, we would like to get rid of the subdomain and operate Xenforo from a subdirectory of Joomla.

Currently, we use a social networking extension for Joomla called JomSocial which "exists" as follows:

We would prefer to have Xenforo as:

But from what I understand, you can only create something like: root/forums_or_other_name/forums.

Or, is there any way to create the main forums listing as simply Joomla_root/forums/forum_name/thread_name?

Thanks. -- Rik

Rik Brown

That would conflict with our Joomla installation. But Brogan's solution of the route filter (I've just read a little about that) might work.

Thanks to both of you.