XF 2.2 javascript not found


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I have a small addon that needs a js.
On server1 everything is fine.
On server2 i have forgotten to upload the js.
I have installed the addon.
Then i have uploaded the js.
All files are double-checked. They are there, they have the right permissions.

But ... the js is not found.

Any idea what i can do now?


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Sounds like an caching problem, if everything was uploads correctly.

Can you provide more info:
Are server1 and server2 inside a cluster (2 web servers for the same forum) or different systems for different forums?


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Two servers, no cluster, no cache (i would know about).
It is very strange. I also cant find the index.html now.
Maybe this is again a stupid behaviour of Mr. Firefox. Sometimes he plays such games with me.
no! The same problem with other browsers.
Do we have any protection for that /js/?

It is in the usual
RewriteRule ^(img*/|backup/|data/|js/|styles/|install/|favicon\.ico|crossdomain\.xml|robots\.txt) - [NC,L]


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If you
  • can access the js file via ftp and
  • cannot access the js file via browser and
  • can access other files in the js folder via browser and
  • the file is not blocked locally (e.g. by your firewall)..
.. then it's most likely a caching problem, eg.
  • something server side (most servers use some kind of file caching) or
  • something in your CDN (if you use one)..
.. or maybe even a server firewall

These are just some thoughts. It's hard to narrow down the problem with the information you gave (at least for me)..