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Japanese Language Pack 2015-08-25

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Etherus submitted a new resource:

Japanes Language Pack - Japanese Language Pack

I needed a Japanese language pack and paid for most of the translation on this website: https://gengo.com

My friend checked it and he said it look alright there are a few mistakes probably but it is atleast not a google translation.

The full front page is translated not the backend (admin) there are probably still some words missing but it is pretty complete.

Please help update it further on my github:...

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Etherus updated Japanese Language Pack with a new update entry:

Added 75 more translations

* Added 75 more translations.
* Word "URL" is the same in Japanese so not translated.

Also if you clean spam it does say the following sentence:

Your spam has been removed from Ulyaoth. If you believe this was not correct, please reply or use the contact form:

I could not find this in the language file but the translation they gave me is:

Of course change "Ulyaoth" to your website name.

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Right click and choose "Save As" that should give you the xml file or create your own language in the admin panel and then copy paste the all the text from the website into your admin panel.
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