Japanese Language Pack

Unmaintained Japanese Language Pack 2015-08-25

No permission to download
* partly translation of Xenforo 1.5.
* Added more missing phrases.
Added more missing translations for Xenforo Resource Manager.

You can see result here: Resources | Ulyaoth
* Added missing translated words, mostly moderator things.
* Xenforo Resource Manager (just a start)

Started adding translations for Xenforo Resource Manager, for now only what I as a user could see so that the website looks Japanese, probably still things missing but will add more when I notice things missing.
* Phrases of Xenforo 1.4.9 translated.
* Phrases of Xenforo 1.4.8 translated.
* 1.4.7 strings have been translated.
* Added 75 more translations.
* Word "URL" is the same in Japanese so not translated.

Also if you clean spam it does say the following sentence:

Your spam has been removed from Ulyaoth. If you believe this was not correct, please reply or use the contact form:

I could not find this in the language file but the translation they gave me is:

Of course change "Ulyaoth" to your website name.
* Phrases of Xenforo 1.4.7 translated.
* As suggested I changed some of the emails to have dual language first Japanese and then below it the same message in English. (Thanks looks indeed better).
* Few more reported missing translations added.
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