Japan just hit by magnitude 8.9 earthquake


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They were also hit by a rather large tsunami. You can really see it coming it at 2:11 mark.

Really scary stuff. Hawaii seems to be expecting a wave at around 7AM EST.


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Tsunami warnings have been issued for Hawaii, phillippines, taiwan, Russia, Australia, and more. Japan had a 20+ ft tsunami shortly after the initIal quake, and a few more since then. Been watching this on CNN since the quake happened about 3 hours ago.


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This video is insane.
It's absolutely terrifying to see that much water coming in that fast.
That truck driver on the bridge at the end of the video is insane. He was driving right into the center of it. The rest of the drivers look like candidates for curiosity-killed-the-cat competition judging from the clip.


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The sheer energy and power of earthquakes and tsunamis are mind boggling.

Hopefully more people managed to get away from the main coastal areas as it struck during the afternoon, the devastation must be terrible :(


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It was almost surreal, to watch live, as that wall of water crashed onto the land, and take whole buildings, bridges, cars, etc with it.
Truly devastating.