[J] Ban VPN and Proxies [Deleted]


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if this addon had an integrated module that could white list particular search engines (and their quests) I would buy it.

As to addon Custom Robots, it's outdated and no longer supported

This addon will allow all types of robots that xenforo detects as robots, now days Google using Google proxy for indexing not Google bot so proxy is banned but not googlebot anyhow I will do a check later.


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Looks interesting. Is there any kind of report system? With addons like this I like to be notified of which user has done this and with what ip.

Report thread is my preferred method :)


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Hi Justin,

Happy New Year at first.

I wanted to know if a version for Xenforo 2 was planned?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

With kind regards


I want to buy this product, then the seller does not answer me.

JustinHawk, reply me in private messages.