Add-on Block VPN and Proxies


First of all I'm not looking for a developer so don't PM me.
Hi guys! I'm looking for an add-on that blocks VPN and proxies connection. I've seen many Xenforo forums blocking them effectively, in fact I wasn't able to access their website with Tor, any sort of VPN or proxy.
My forum really need it: I'm sharing softwares for free with limitations for new members. Lot of them are making multi-accounts in order to bypass limitations.
Actually I'm running XF 2 and I've not seen suck plugins for version 2.

Can someone help me? Thanks a lot! :)
Looking back at the OP, I have my doubts that what he describes is being done through Xenforo. Blocking Tor nodes and proxies strikes me a something better done at CloudFlare or other network security level. Not that I have tried but I work in IT and we would want to block stuff like that at the perimeter, not server.
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