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[J] Auto Complete Location 1.3.3

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We would love to have this feature in custom thread fields too (with a checkbox to selected if needed - single line text box).



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The correct location is here:


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Please prefix your add-on data according to resource standards. The option ids seen on the resource overview page are anything but unique and may cause issues with other add-ons in the future.
i hope unmaintained is is the correct prefix :).

Where can I disable branding? IIRC I bought branding free.
tbh i'm not sure if i had added any branding in xf 2.0 version or not, but i will check it out and let you know :) Though most probably it will be a template modification that can be easily disabled :)

Your site is down again.
its fixed :) Hosting provider changed its servers so my website database got all messed up. So changed hosting provider now, hope it won't happen again :)