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Ivy League 1.5.7 - Beautiful ivy league themed design with shades of maroon, navy & gold.

Ivy league for Xenforo is a beautiful ivy league college themed design with shades of maroon, navy & gold. This style is responsive to work on all devices.

This style works with►

Xenforo 1.5.7
XenForo Media Gallery
XenForo Resource Manager

Included in the download►

Style XML file for installation
All fonts used in the style graphics
IBTheme copyright and license agreement

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Jim Kingsnorth

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This is my favorite theme Sherri and it is why I use it as my deafult. So glad you are now doing themes for Xenforo. IMHO Xenforo is the best forum software on the market! Now we have the best theme creator! Rock on! If you want to see a live preview of this, it is already on my website. http://charismaticcentral.com


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Oh WOW! Thank you so much @Jim Kingsnorth
You have been a true friend and motivator. I'm so super excited to be on this new journey with Xenforo. I've needed a new inspiration for quite some time now, and I think this is my perfect solution. I've already got so many design ideas running around in my head, I can barely sit still. LOL!
I hope that one day soon, Xenforo has an e-commerce system so I can completely change over. I LOVE this software. It's super user friendly and yet it has so many awesome features.

Ernest L. Defoe

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I hope that one day soon, Xenforo has an e-commerce system so I can completely change over.

There is a 3rd party addon made by one of the xF Developers called Xen Product Manager that would serve the purpose of what you are wanting. It's designed for digital goods such as addons and themes. Might want to take a look at it.


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Absolutely stunning design, pity it's not in the colour scheme of my current site or I would have installed it right away. Nice job. Will keep an eye out for more of your releases. :)


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I can definitely take requests for different color styles. Now that I'm comfortable with the Xenforo templates, I do offer custom styles as well. It's on my site in the theme shop under "Custom Design". I do half cost up front, remaining half on completion. It takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days to complete, but possibly longer if I have other orders I'm working on. But I'll be releasing a lot of different styles as I go. You can see some of my portfolion HERE and you can see my previous theme designs HERE that I will be converting over to Xenforo as well as a few Xenforo exclusive designs I've already come up with.