I've never seen so many alerts ... what is your max?


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This week was a busy one for me and I rarely was able to check this site. Today there were 9 alerts since last night. I've never seen so many alerts.

What is the maximum number of alerts you've seen here?


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51 the other morning.

This morning it was 8 alerts and 2 inbox alerts

Things are definitely buzzing around here again!

Imagine what Kier's looked like when he made that announcement :p

Or Brogan's today LOL



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I've gotten over 100 before. Mostly just people being too happy with Dark Immortal's post rating plugin when I had it. Can't wait for the new forum to get up to that point lol.

Oh on here? I don't know between 7-12. Some of the political threads got heated before slavik shut them down.


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I should have screen-shotted mine earlier :D

It was well into triple figures.



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I don't watch threads - with almost 20,000 posts I'd be doing nothing but clearing alerts...

Exactly! It would be crazy for you..... Even drives me insane on sites where it is automatically subscribing you to all your posts and alerts for "everything" first thing I do is cut it down to likes and quotes.


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On here, I think 20-something was the most I've received between sessions...however, on my site, we have an alert plugin that sends alerts every time someone mentions an artist you follow (even if they mention 20 artists in one post--you get 20 alerts :p), so I've gone into the hundreds there a few times.