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Itching to use my second XF license

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dabollicks, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. dabollicks

    dabollicks Active Member

    Bought a 2nd xf license, in the hope that I'd convert my vb4 site to xf. But the initial testing didn't go well and my users rejected it. (what they were thinking I don't know)
    Now I could just convert anyway, despite what my users want, but I fear that this would result in the end of the forum, so don't really want to do that

    Now I'm stuck for ideas as to what I can do with it, anyone?
  2. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    Keep it. When it improves renew your licence and convert.
  3. dabollicks

    dabollicks Active Member

    My users dont like change, and unfortunately XF is change, so it will never be accepted :(
  4. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    I have no idea why did you buy it...
  5. dabollicks

    dabollicks Active Member

    Bought it to test the water with them. Didnt go as well as id hoped :(

    Ive got another site running on XF and they love it, cant please everyone eh?
  6. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

    As a person who likes to know where things are when visiting a site like say for instance Godaddy...

    The have changed up the dashboard so much since I started with them...but it was always one thing at a time. Even those minor changes we're hectic for me as I had 200 domains on the account i was logged in the first time I saw the site change. I had no clue where I was going to do anything.

    It is not unusual for those already comfortable in their surrounding to have problems when they change suddenly. What you could do is use it for live development and invite some of your more open minded members to join and help with suggestions for customizing your board to suit what they like. At that point you will have a team of members that can assist the rest on catching up with some changes when it comes time to drop the build of the site.
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  7. dabollicks

    dabollicks Active Member

    I tried to ease them in gently, inviting some of my members to test out the new software. Asking them for feedback etc etc

    Out of the 20 members i chose, not one wanted the change, which is disappointing, as i want to get it off of vb.
    Even a subtle style change on my vb4 forum went down like a lead balloon, so had to revert to the default style as thats what they are used to
    Oh well, im still hoping theyll come round
  8. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Well-Known Member

    Ross, what specifically did they not like about it? Did you have a default setup for xF versus a customized style/look/feel to your vB install?
  9. dabollicks

    dabollicks Active Member

    One user complained about the "Whats New" button not being easy to find. Others complained they didnt like the styling. The biggest complaint was the private messages changing to conversations. One user complained about the lack of arcade
    It was a default xf install versus default vb, but with the ibproarcade installed
    Personally, i fricking love this software!!
  10. borbole

    borbole Well-Known Member

    Why not start a new forum from scratch with the second license then?
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  11. dabollicks

    dabollicks Active Member

    i thought that, but dont know which subject :ROFLMAO:
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  12. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    You could start a forum with a topic of "people who don't like change"...but then you change everything on them all the time :D
  13. dabollicks

    dabollicks Active Member

    Toooo funny :D
  14. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Start one called luddites.com and invite all the members from the other forum :D
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  15. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

    LoL that is epic...nice
  16. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Well-Known Member

    Why not change the location of the "What's New" button and add a custom free skin from the styling area here on xenforo.com?

    The arcade is being worked on, so that's not too far off in the future.

    I would simply start working on tweaks to the software and styling to get those folks happy about the change. But, don't change over until the 'test' version meets the approval of your community.

    Remember, you are definitely not going to please everyone all of the time. But, if they have some say into what the changes will be, they are more willing to listen and participate in the changes. Heck, they'll even become 'champions' of your cause for change and start to say how great things are now :D

    Good luck!
  17. Crazyfruitbat

    Crazyfruitbat Well-Known Member

    Last year I dealt with a similar community - the forums sucked, they were awkward to use, logo was made in ms paint and was terrible is so many different ways It's hard to describe and the owner asked me to help do something about the mess as the forums were dumped on him and he couldn't do anything about it. So I redesigned it based on the type of users, made it mobile friendly and made it 100% more usable - all the team were happy with the change.

    The day we changed it over, you could have sworn that the entire world had just imploded, nearly everything was complained about - even the fact it was now accessible a mobile device was seen as a negative to that board. I even got sent threats through my personal website, rude emails & personal messages sent and some felt that they should have been consulted because they once gave $10 to the site about 4 years previously (to save it as nobody was looking after it). The ironic thing is that the majority of people using that site were all well-educated folks, many were teachers, have good jobs etc - but they turned into abusive children once something changed.

    I won't put up with personal abuse, so I put the styling back to the original MS paint, killed the mods I added and then deleted my own account and I have never been back there since. It's quite sad as it was a community I very much liked but now I see the true colours of the people who are there and now I don't care less.

    So if you know the users will react, save yourself the headache and just leave them. Use your new xen license on a community that will love it.
  18. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    Don't be surprised of that.
    It's revolutionary with XF.
    IMO it is XF's weakest point. Admins could end up in court because of breaching privacy.
    (Needs only a moderator who reads a private conversation)
  19. random

    random Active Member

    XenForo is a good software but the default style simply sucks. You need to search for a custom one.
  20. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    It's not easy to find. What's new should be on the Top Row and the Help tab should be a Forum Subtab.

    Maybe have a Xenforo skin that looks like vB !
    Especially the colors ?

    PMs are different than conversations.
    But not that different.

    there should be options coming :)

    It's much faster / bettter.
    vB4 is terrible. vB3 is reasonable.

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