It seems XenForo doesn't have a 'joinable groups' feature. Is this ever going to be built-in in the future?


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'Joinable groups' is one feature I absolutely need. Other than missing that feature, XenForo looks like it has all major features that most everyone would want already built-in (I tried the demo). So congratulations on a nice looking and full-featured product, except for lacking that joinable groups feature.
As @Brogan has already pointed out, there is an open suggestion to add Public Usergroups.

This suggestion by has been open for well over 10 years and has received 46 upvotes by now.

So what does that mean? To me it means that there is non much interest in such a feature, it seems that most forums would not need or use it.
I think it is therefore pretty unlikely that this would be added (in the near future), so if you "need" this it might be better to look for Add-ons.
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