XF 2.2 Issues with Quoting Username


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Hi there,

For the past month or so - I have noticed that very rarely does the auto quote / autocomplete feature work when typing @ (username)

I have disabled all listeners and still face the same issue. I don't recall editing anything or adding any new addons which may have caused this. It does seem to be hit and miss. I can type @ with an exact username, and it will show nothing.

Any suggestions? Not sure where to turn. Also not sure on the exact name of the actual feature.


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Autocomplete only works for members who have been active recently.

They can still be tagger by typing out the full name.


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I had no idea of that. Interesting. That would explain why my name shows when typing autocomplete.

Is there a time limit / cut off? I noticed it shows a member with last activity being March this year.