XF 1.4 Issue With Permissions?

Hi there, alright, I must have something goofy with my permissions. I am the admin on the site...Usergroup is Registered with the secondary groups being Administrative and Moderating.

I have a forum that only I should be able to post in, everyone else is only able to view.

I changed the permissions for that specific forum for members, and moderators only to be able to view, however, it still will not let me post as the admin.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


XenForo moderator
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I suspect you have used Never which can't be overridden.

Use Revoke for the node for the Registered user group and Allow for the staff user group.
Thanks for the response...I have not used Never in any of the permissions.

What you described is exactly what I did, I revoked everything for Moderators and Registered members and only gave view permissions.

The only selections that I have for Moderators and Registered members is inherited View Node, View Threads by others, View thread content, everything else is revoked. My admin user group has inherit selected for everything...no changes made.
Why would inherit not supersede the revoke since the inherit is what is selected for the Admin usergroup and that usergroup has access to everything?

Thanks for your time!
Ok so because I am a member of another group that is specifically revoked from starting a thread in that forum, I have to tell the system that the Admin group can post...weird way of doing that it seems, guess I just thought that inherit would inherit the permissions that usergroup has.