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Fixed Issue with Google+


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Hello, Thanks for being a valued partner and using the Google+ Platform. We've recently become aware that your use of this feature does not follow our branding guidelines at:
https://developers.google.com/ /branding-guidelines

and policy guidelines at
https://developers.google.com/ /policies

In particular, we identified an issue with your Google+ Integration. Our review found that there was one or more violations of our policies or branding guidelines. To correct this particular issue, simply review your application for issues with the following:
branding guidelines
button prominence policy
policy against misleading users

Please review these guidelines and update your implementation (project id XXXXXXX). If you would like additional assistance, take a second to fill out this form with more details about your implementation. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We're excited that you chose to integrate Google+ and look forward to helping you resolve this issue.

Since I haven't done any changes to the sign-in/sign up with Google button (except for translating it), I filled up their form, and this was the answer I've received:


Thank you for filling out the form with additional details about your implementation.

Our reviewers noted that you use the new Google+ login logo, but the outdated login flow.

Here is a guide on migrating to Google+ login: https://developers.google.com/ /api/auth-migration

Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance.

Ben Google+
Platform Team
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Well, that's annoying as the two messages seem rather inconsistent. We do use the new Google+ login system, though there is a deprecated scope mentioned in our request (userinfo.email) that I will look at. However, that really has nothing to do with the branding issue mentioned -- the scope is deprecated but still supported right now and doesn't seem to apply to any of the visual element. Other than that, we use the new system as far as I can tell.

Can they be any more specific as to what they think the problem is?


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This is what I've received back:

To use the Google+ sign in logo, you must also use the corresponding Google+ sign-in authentication. This is the latest version of Google sign-in.

If you want to use the deprecated flow, you will need to use the old (blue) logo as well to eliminate any potential user confusion.

Does that make sense?

Let me know if there is any additional detail I can provide.
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Talk about creating user confusion...

However, I'm still unsure what they're referring to. We use the new flow. The only potential reference is to an old scope which appears to just be deprecated. I have to guess that this is what they're referring to.

All you have to do is change:
in xenforo.js.
sounds like they are refering to custom images, which is wierd imo as long as it follows there copyright in theb signup or signin images following their trademard should be fine ino, but i could be wrong.