ISO: Add-On Ideas

Anyone got any add-on ideas?

I am looking to get into xenForo modding and I can't really think of anything useful that is not already in the resource section.

Of course I could always compete with other modders resources by adding more features and lowering the price but that's a little mean so I prefer not to do that. -_-

Although I am not looking for something to crazy to start off with since my first add-on or two will be released as free. I am open to any "good" ideas.

3rd AnGle

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I hear someone's looking for IDEAS :coffee:

bd Widget Framework is one of the most popular add-on in XF community........... and one of the widget it lacks is the following style of thread display..

I envision this as a modded thread list view of the usual forum.. although others might have different point of view.. If only the Recenthreads widgets and blocks in [bd] Widget Framework could be modded in this way..

If you can develop these widget which can pull up the attached picture in fixed layout predefined and set the character limit via the admin panel.... it will be a big hit. I am not sure how complex of an addon you are willing to attempt but if you can do XenAttendo.. i am sure you are capable of doing these widgets.. @Waindigo released a thumbnail addon... you might wanna look at how he pull the image the start date, reply, views are unncessary... a snippet of the post is what's required..

This is what such widgets can do... and portal lovers would climax (sexually) on seeing such an add-on released.. :D

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