Is this it? What am I missing?



I installed Elastic from here (on same server as forum) on Centos 7 with Yum repo

Then purchased and installed the Enhanced Search XF

Deleted search index and rebuilt

I just don't see anything different in search. Perhaps maybe better results?

I thought there would be autocomplete or suggested search or features like that.

Maybe I was suppose to install Java? I didnt see any info for that at Elastic search setup info.

Yes, elastic server is up and running.


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search should be faster. you should be able to search for smaller than 3 character keywords. and of course, you are able to use the features of the enhanced search addon.
Faster like how? Search is usually instant with previous search.

What are the enhanced features?

like Stop words, word stemming, accent removal?

I was really hoping it used the the full potential of elastic like autocomplete or predictive search.

Was there any configurations I was suppose to enter into elastic configs? All I did was install it.
autocomplete is not a native feature of xenforo. there is a paid addon from xon i believe that offers it.

how many posts does your forum have? enhanced search usually works great for forums with more than a million posts. if your forum is relatively smaller, you might not see performance benefits. but it is still great to have search work for smaller keywords.

here is an example. this search won't work if enhanced search is not enabled:

the extra features i was talking about are part of enhanced search addon like the similar threads box below right on this page. and suggestions when a new thread title is being typed in. these are native features of the xenforo enhanced search addon.

Oh cool. Just just noticed the suggestion of thread title. Though, would make more sense if it did that for regular search. I will check out Xon's addon. Love his addons.

Thanks chromaniac

ya the forum is a 17 yr old forum. 1.4 mil posts but its relatively slow in traffic.
Yes Xon's Search Improvements is very useful to tweak the search settings.

I found I was getting much more useful searches with my forum dataset with the Enhanced Search.
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