Is there any way to convert my hosted forum to XenForo?

Hi, I have a hosted forum with websitetoolbox and I want to convert this to XenForo (I will purchase license), can I do that? if yes then I will buy license.


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You would need to obtain a copy of the database and server files and then do a double import via a supported software.


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The pre sales FAQ in my signature lists the supported software and importers.

You would have to convert to one of those.

Tracy Perry

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I'm not aware of any (and I did some google power search) that will import it.
From what I saw, you can pay them a fee and they will then give you your DB in SQL format, then you will need to engage someone to write a custom converter for you for importation of the DB from your old forum. That's one of the hazards of using some of those type of forum services unluckily.