Is there any kind of alert or report that gets sent to admins to update them on users in limbo?


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For example, those with bounced email states, therefore they can't post.

I've found out by chance that a large number of hotmail and live users are stuck in limbo after getting bounce replies when emailing confirmation emails out.

It would be great if this was brought to my attention sooner. Is there anything currently in place that I'm missing?

Chris D

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If you set up bounced email handling, you will see a log of users whose emails are bouncing in the Admin CP.


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Right, but you have to remember to go and check that log regularly, is that right?

I was wondering if there was something more along the lines of a weekly report. Or some kind of info that could appear on the ACP home screen to make the admin aware, similar to how the the server error log notice appears there.