XF 1.2 Is there an easier way to find the class in Style Properties


Is there an easier way to find the class that i am trying to modify in the Style Properties.

Right now, i am searching the #moderatorBar to modify the bg color, but i want to find it in the style properties first, if it is not available

i want to add new style in extra.css



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I know that one is not available.

However, to find out if something is in style properties or not, it will be surrounded by @ tags in the css template.
For example:
@property "html";
background-color: @pageBackground;
@property "/html";
The text in the quotes is the name of the style property.

Then you can use ACP Search to locate it.
In this case just search for html.


Thanks brogan.

right now, what i am doing is find css class or id using page inspector and try to find the relevant section in style properties if i can't find it, append new style in extra.css.

When developing my first theme, i modified in many places css files directly, style properties and extra.css

may be in my next theme, i will use only extra.css coz it is easy to rectify or modify later