XF 1.5 Is there a way to merge two nodes together

Jim Kingsnorth

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I have imported 2 databases into my XF forum. Each database had similar forums (nodes). I need to merge the forums into one forum (node) I am hoping this is possible.

Example I have two nodes called In The News. I want all the posts in one node called In The News. The reason I have two is because of importing 2 databases.


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You can use the batch thread tools in the control panel to move all of the threads between forums. (You would then delete the empty one.)


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EDIT: Not so useful if there are 1000s of threads of course. You can increase threads per page to 100 max, but that means you can only select 100 at a tim
Batch Update Threads in the ACP is an easy way to move all threads from one forum to another.

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