XF 1.5 Is there a way to have the main menu twice as deep? I need more main links!


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I seem to have that many features and main areas of the forum now that the main menu is looking busy and confusing. I'm struggling to come up with a way to link to them all without them being in the main menu.

Is there a way to implement an extra menu bar? A little like is possible on vB?

The way I've tried kinda screws up the drop downs etc

Anybody come up with anything? I kinda have 12 main tabs. Struggling to get rid of any without them losing traffic to them. Can't seem to come up with anything and can't really leave 12 main tabs there. It looks crazy.


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Yeah I'm of the same thinking.

I was thinking of making a page with all my 'tabs' on it (so I can then add a bit of information about each of the 'sections') then use the Add Tab add on to just add a tab to that page, and then all the 'sections' as childs to the tab, so they end up in the drop down.

It would kinda do what you've done. But have a prettier page.

I don't think a double menu would look well on a sticky nav, or be very responsive.

So perhaps I was going down the wrong road thinking that was the way to go.