XF 1.5 Is there a variable for the page title? +1 Question

Malcolm M

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Hello, everyone!

I was hoping to have someone tell me if there is a variable for the page title. I'm planning on having a title in my header which displays the page name, so e.g. when you're on the members page it will show "Members" or when you're in the contact preferences it shows "Account Management" etc. I tried looking at some guides but wasn't able to find it.

If not, perhaps someone would be able to explain how I could accomplish this!

2nd Question! So this is a little hard to ask but bare with me.. Similar to what is in the first question, is it possible to have an if statement which uses the visitors URL and if it equals to the URL within the if statement to display its content.

if (visitor url) == URL/members.php then display "This text."
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