Is there a limit to minecraft?


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Hi guys,

I am moving the focus of one of my sites to minecraft and we need to make a 1,437,000 (area in blocks) living area in the sky. I am moving to minecraft because the game we currently are on does not support such scale. My question is, does minecraft?

Are there limits I should know about? Should I avoid certain plugins due to lag?


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There's a height limit, but width/length, there's no fixed limit. It'll be based on your available RAM though as Minecraft is rather stupidly coded in Java, and ended up being a massive memory hog.

I know of a group who are doing a Minecraft version of The Venus Project and recently had to move from 16GB RAM to 32GB RAM as their world was getting too big.

Don't expect to get very far on a big project with anything less than 4GB RAM and a decent processor though.

Plugin wise some do use stupid amounts of RAM but you'll need to play with them to work that out.