Is the New Posts "Tab Row" extendable via addons ?

Digital Doctor

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1.4 brings a Row of Tabs in the /whatsnew area.

Is this row of tabs easily extended ?

[New XenMedio]
[New Gallery items]
[New Members]
[New Wiki items]
[New Articles]

Digital Doctor

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How about a [New Members] Tab with this in it

Scratch that.
I don't like it.

Could be useful on some sites.

Probably just adds an expensive query.


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Does it have an alert icon for bonus marks ?
Not on the tab, the alert is on the Media tab at the top of the foum (which is a better place for it)


As I said, it's been in for many months (can't remember when, before 1.3 possibly?). I'm sure it will work just fine with 1.4 as Chris is an excellent programmer.