Lack of interest Is Not Null for Notices


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Is it possible to do one based on an effective criteria of "is not null".

I've not been able to figure this out but I'm trying to set one up along the lines of:

If user is logged in and "Twitter" is not null then display "Did you know you can follow us on Twitter"
Didn't really post this suggestion in the right place the first time but it would be brilliant if this could be added for notices.


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Please add this for the next beta. I also had a trophy lined up but only if a custom field was NOT empty would it get awarded. Not sure if there is a regex to validate and return a not-empty flag (ie true).


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Not really suitable for what we've got in mind.

If I just wanted to encourage people who interacted with a specific sub-forum to sign up for twitter and interact with a specific account, e.g. if we were running a new game server and were going to tweet when it was online and offline.

The method suggested means hacking away at templates and there are multiple templates in use on FreddysHouse

It would be much easier if this worked so that when setting up a notice you just tick the appropriate box and leave it empty to perform an Is Not Null match.