Is it pronounced 'Keer' or 'Care'?


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I'd ask him personally, but I reckon he's a bit busy at the moment (oh, and apologies for talking about you in the third person! :oops:)

I'm simply curious as to how it's pronounced?

Shaun :D


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Check out to his videos in the "Have You Seen..." forum. He mentions his name in the intro to each one. :)
Keer ... :)

Silly little thing I know, but thought I might as well ask.

This from the guy who asked to look at a MINTola camera and was almost laughed out of Jessops (UK photographic equipment chain-store).

Shaun :D


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After you posted that video on YouTube, you're one to talk about promises.

We'll straighten this out Saturday night. I'm bringing Lars and Fifi. I told them you were angry about the mess last time, and they have both promised to be on their best behavior.


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Just make sure you don't wear that outfit again, I don't fancy a repeat performance of getting thrown out of that club!