Is it possible to test if my forum will convert


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I have small SMF 2.0.15 forum with a little under 5000 members.
I have been having problems after adding a mod. It`s down and neither SMF community or my hosting company`s support team (arvixe) have been able to help me get it back online.

Would like to know if I may test to see if my forum will convert and work using xenforo.
I am willing to pay to test. I dont want to pay only to find out that it wont convert.
I`m open to either hosting or buying. I just want my forum back up.

Thank you
You can buy the license, and if it won't convert, request a refund.
You can request it within a reasonable time for a good reason, and in your case, that it can't convert.

You of course can put in a ticket for help as well for the process.
To convert you only need the database and the path of the images, you don't need the old working forum...
As they advised you can buy the license and then ask for a refund if it doesn't work for you but you will see that it will work for you...
I have small SMF 2.0.15 forum with a little under 5000 members.
You shouldn't have any real issues with the XF 2 importer if you are on SMF 2.0.x as that is what the importer supports.
If you were running SMF 2.1 series, there would be issues, as I recently migrated my pipe site over from SMF 2.1.3 to XF 2.2.13 and had problems with certain fields not importing, and it adding 2 new "custom fields" to the user profile. My site was basically a startup site and there were some things I was wanting to do that SMF didn't offer (like reviews, classifieds and link directory) as quality add-ons that XF developers (3rd party) did. I had started it on SMF just to get some exposure to the software.
Thank you for your replies!
It imported ok but lots of broken images.
But my members understand.

I ended up purchasing a self-hosted license and Im up and running.

Thanks again!
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