XF 2.2 Is it possible to make my forum change header depending on what node category you clicked in?


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Hi Guys!

I want to change picture or header pic. based on the category my users chosen. I think it's pretty stylsish :)
Is it possible?
Where can I choose a style for a category or node? In the node settings there is no option like that.

Also does it mean that I have to creat a new child style for every single forum? If so does it mean I have to do a trick so that the users wont be able to choose between the themes?

My question is: will it slow down the site if I create a custom style for every single forum category?
I only want to change the header but really.... is this the only option to do it?

My biggest issue is that I can keep the dark theme if I force users to use a specific theme because of a header...

the users decide to change the theme to dark theme, but if he click on a topic the site will force him to use the "ligt theme with the new header" because I cant set up two styles for them...

Any better solution?

Hi Guys!

Is there any solution to set up a custom header background for forum nodes... while keeping everything else the same.

... even if the user choose to use dark or light theme?
I only want to change the header image.
Why the new thread?
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Short answer: Having more themes will cause the site to slow down when upgrading the core/addons and possibly other places.
I see , but the customers wont see a thing?

Also any ad-on or tip how I can set custom headers?
Because I find it kind of extreme that I need to add a custom theme each time, also makes it impossible to let the users use a choosen dark or light theme AND change the header, because I will have to force the users to use my light or dark theme if I add it to a category or forum.
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