is it possible to show/list all images in a thread aka 'view all images in thread button'


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quite a few threads are very centered around the pictures added or inserted by users in their posts. is it possible to get an overview of all pictures of all users in a thread aka 'view all images in thread button'?


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Afaik, this is the one vbulletin feature our users still are missing far long after vb2xf migration. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a good replacement working for xenForo yet. Our best find/hit scratches the topic during discussion, but lacks a working/easy solution:

There is one possible workaround to show at least all pictures from one thread page (!) in a row: Check the attachment lightbox setting to show all pictures within the current page (ACP setting see attached).


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This album allows threads (and some mods) to add their attachments to an album; doesn't have a way to force it currently as I did not need it when I commissioned the add-on, but it may be possible to get @Ozzy47 or @Painbaker to add it.