XF 2.2 Is it possible to leave a URL#section in BB Code?


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I've tried searching for this but no luck!

Say you create a post with sections in:

(#section1)Section 1
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, quod latine pertinax at vix, sed et melius accommodare. Id omnesque hendrerit inciderint vix. Ad utinam numquam quaestio nec, quo ea corpora nominavi. Ridens reprehendunt et nec, at sed choro denique appareat. Debet munere nam cu, eum at viderer probatus. Putent deserunt sea an.

(#section2)Section 2
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And then you wish to add URLs to this post with sections specified like:


so it goes to top of 'section1' (like how HTML does)... is there any way to do this with BB Code? :unsure:


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