XF 1.5 Is it possible to have the XF Forum accessible/working parallel under two domain names?


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I have two domain names and had two websites. I closed one website/server and want to have both domains pointing to my XF server. Is it possible with routing and configuration to have the XF installation run on two domain names with the same installation?

For example www.mydomain.com and www.myotherdomain.com and have both run completely with the XF forum like www.mydomain.com/forum and
www.myotherdomain.com/forum automatically, depending on what the visitor accesses/choses?

In case it does not work I will just forward one domain to the other but the above sounds more compelling for the visitor for me.
As you can tell my Server configuration DNS Routing knowledge is very limited...


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Having multiple domain serving the same content is not a good idea from SEO perspective. Additionally, it would cause various other problems such as CORS issues if not setup correctly. However, you can always setup a redirect from one domain to the other and choose just one of them as your primary and canonical domain.


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I concur - definitely choose your primary domain and redirect any other domains to it.

That also includes mydomain.com vs www.mydomain.com ... those are different and you shouldn't have your site respond on both - redirect one to the other (doesn't really matter which way you do it - just choose one).

There is also http vs https as well. If you're not using SSL, then it doesn't matter - but once you do implement it, you'll want to redirect the non-SSL version to the SSL version.

All of my websites use SSL and I use the www prefix, so my canonical domain is always https://www.example.com and then I have a minimum of three 301 redirects:
If I have other domains, I then do two more redirects for each of those (SSL not necessary unless those domains have previously used SSL themselves):


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Alrighty then. I will set up a whole bunch of redirects. Thank you guys for the input. Much appreciated.